Best Pixel Fonts from Adobe Fonts Available for Commercial Use

We have selected best pixel fonts from Adobe Fonts. This content is recommended for those who want to use dot fonts for English letter logos, customize websites with a retro gaming feel using dot fonts as web fonts, or create pixel art designs.

Table of Contents

8 best dot fonts

I have carefully chosen pixel fonts from Adobe Fonts that are available for commercial use. The way to use Adobe Fonts is explained in the following article.

Unibody 8

8 pixels height

Unibody 8 is a crisp screen type, reminiscent of classic pixel fonts from the early digital era. This family has 5 styles including a true italic.


25 styles

Lo-Res is the family of fonts which is a synthesis of pixelated designs. The Lo-Res fonts offer technical improvements and the various styles.

Puffin Arcade

3D text effects

Puffin Arcade is a cute and entertaining family of 12 bitmapped fonts. Most of styles are suitable for animation  effect, such as blinking, flashing and running glitch animations.

HelloFont ID Xiang Su 16

Alphabet's included

HelloFont ID Xiang Su 16 is a Chinese dot font. Since it includes a collection of Chinese characters, it is recommended for designing logos that consist solely of Chinese characters. You can type alphabet as well!

BD Micron Font

Unique and modern

BD Micron Font is a technical looking dot typeface great for the use in sci-fi and electronic design related projects.

PF Pixelscript

One and only

PF Pixelscript is an elegant script pixel font which was carefully designed to be quite legible in web applications. This is suitable for title logos but you may even use it for long text. 

PF Videotext

Great for text

PF Videotext is the font captures dynamic video screen aesthetics, blending modernity with tech finesse. Bridging print and digital, it ensures clear, adaptable communication across media and languages.


Iced and liquid

Hydrophilia, born in 2003, evolved from Moby typeface. With two fonts, it echoes early liquid displays. Liquid presents diagonal forms, akin to technical LCD fonts. Iced, a pixel font, suits 11-pixel size.

Best Pixel Fonts Summary

Among the featured fonts, the Lo-Res series is particularly noteworthy. While fonts typically vary slightly in weight and character width, this series showcases a fascinating aspect where the same dot font transforms into entirely different designs.

It demonstrates how dot fonts can convey entirely different expressions depending on the design choices.

To sum up, we have selected pixel fonts from Adobe Fonts which is utilized by numerous designers and creators since it offers fonts for commercial use.

Anyone with a free Adobe ID can access Adobe Fonts for free, although free members can only use a subset of the available fonts. To access all fonts, a subscription to one of the plans within Creative Cloud is necessary.

By subscribing to any plan within Creative Cloud, all fonts are unlocked. If you're interested, consider checking out the explanatory article below for more information.