Minecraft Similar Fonts & Effects Commercial Use Available

I'll show you fonts and text effects similar to Minecraft. This content is recommended for those who want to recreate the Minecraft logo or create thumbnails for game streaming purposes.

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Fonts Similar to Minecraft

The font actually used in the Minecraft logo is called "Minecraft Fifty Solid," but it's only for personal use, so it can't be used for monetized blogs or channels.

Therefore, I found a pixel font similar to the Minecraft logo on Adobe Fonts. It's called "LoRes 9," an English font. All fonts on Adobe Fonts are available for commercial use.

LoRes 9 includes a total of 25 styles, and among them, "LoRes 9 Plus OT Narrow Bold" closely resembles the Minecraft logo. If you want it bolder, you can adjust it as much as you want by adding strokes in Illustrator.

Text Effects for Minecraft

Next, here's a text effect that's perfect for recreating the Minecraft logo or main visuals. This is from Adobe Stock, so it's available for commercial use. Check out the pricing plans here.

Since this is a text effect, a mockup, it will be edited in Photoshop. The data format is PSDT, so it's exclusively for Photoshop and can't be used in Illustrator.

Including the pixel art background, it's all about Minecraft. Applying the mockup is just a one-click process, making it easy. I recommend using it in combination with the aforementioned font.

Final Thoughts

That's it; I introduced fonts and text effects similar to Minecraft.

On Adobe Stock, there are several free materials inspired by Minecraft.

Minecraft Materials

Especially recommended for those who want to create thumbnails or headers with a Minecraft theme. You can check the list below.

List of Minecraft Materials

The annual plan on Adobe Stock offers more downloadable materials but comes with the drawback of being tied to a contract period. The monthly plan allows for only three downloads but is cancelable anytime, making it more convenient.

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