Partnerize the Pros and Cons of Companies Managing Affiliate Marketing

I will provide insights into the pros and cons of companies managing affiliate marketing through Partnerize, including basic information. 

This article is aimed at corporate entities grappling with the decision of which platform to choose when initiating an affiliate program. It is authored by me, someone who engages in affiliate marketing on a daily basis, either as a partner or an individual user of the platform.

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What is Partnerize?


Partnerize is a next-generation affiliate platform operated by Performance Horizon, a company headquartered in the United Kingdom. It is designed to efficiently manage the search, collaboration, fraud prevention, and payments for partners (commonly known as publishers) through an automated system.

Operational in approximately 214 countries, the company is widely utilized by companies worldwide. While there are many well-known platforms in the affiliate marketing space, such as impact.com, CJ Affiliate, and ShareASale, It's safe to say that Partnerize stands out as one of the major players.

The 7 Advantages of Partnerize

Now, let's delve into the main topic: explaining the benefits for companies operating affiliate programs through Partnerize. By the way, for more detailed numbers and data supporting these advantages, you can refer to this page on the official website.

Trusted by Many Companies

Partnerize is not only chosen by leading global companies like Apple, Adobe, Adidas, and PayPal but also by smaller ventures with around 50 employees. The official page provides a case study on why Hewlett-Packard opted for Partnerize.

Multilingual Support

Being operational in about 214 countries, Partnerize supports a total of 40 languages. This multilingual capability simplifies management, allowing for easy administration when promoting in-house products to international customers without the need to register on platforms in each country.

User-Friendly Interface

Partnerize boasts an advanced and user-friendly UI, a significant advantage compared to some domestic platformss that may present a modern login screen but reveal an outdated dashboard upon login. A well-designed interface contributes significantly to user retention, and their clear and intuitive design makes it comfortable for users.


Kind Support from Dedicated Advisors

Notably, the support provided by dedicated teams receives high praise, especially for guiding first-time affiliate program operators on increasing engagement rates and conversion methods. 

The integration of Pepperjam and Partnerize benefited GoPro, ensuring comprehensive program management and steady growth. You can read more case studies here.

Brand Protection from Fraudulent Activities

Partnerize employs an always-active fraud monitoring system, utilizing BrandVerity's technology to automatically detect fraudulent activities like trademark infringements. This automated system, monitoring major search engines continuously, simplifies fraud detection and allows for prompt action. The ease of management is reiterated here.

Generation of Tracking Links

You can generate tracking links with Partnerize, including shortened links with tracking IDs. This feature is highly convenient, and I encourage other platforms to adopt it more actively.

Having excessively long links can trigger reader caution, and occasionally, site operators may try to disguise affiliate links provided by the platform as internal links. 

If platforms support shortened links, it could reduce the likelihood of publishers attempting to obscure the destination of links, benefiting both partners and companies. The advantage of being able to place shortened links to any page is significant for both partners and companies.

Ideal for BtoB Affiliate Marketing

Partnerize allows multiple users to manage a single account as partners. This feature, combined with the ability to invite users via email, facilitates the entry of media-operating businesses into the partnership, making BtoB affiliate marketing more achievable. Notably, popular media with nearly 1 million monthly page views also utilizes Partnerize.

The 2 Disadvantages of Partnerize

Next, I will explain the disadvantages of operating an affiliate program with Partnerize, incorporating real experiences.

Display of Rewards in USD

One primary drawback of Partnerize is that rewards are displayed in USD. Although there is an option to change the currency, the rewards themselves are based on USD, resulting in daily fluctuations. Choosing USD as the currency prevents these fluctuations.

The constant change in reward amounts can lead to user confusion. Personally, during times of volatile exchange rates, I felt uneasy when I noticed significant decreases in reward amounts and even reached out for clarification.

Unable to Choose the Sites for Application

The second drawback with Partnerize is not allowed to choose the sites for which you want to apply for a campaign. Partners operating multiple sites can register one "Main Website" in the settings, and additional sites can be configured on an equal footing.

This becomes problematic because, when publishers are applying brands, there is no option to select which site to apply with. Consequently, companies operating affiliate programs may find it challenging to determine which site to review.

Always better to choose

It would be beneficial for Partnerize to improve this aspect by allowing partners to choose the sites they want to apply with. I personally experienced huge pain during applications, I switched the main website to another site and unintentionally had a major partnership terminated by a leading company.

Upon inquiry, I learned that the change in the main website led to the inadvertent termination of the partnership, as it was mistakenly assumed that the main website was unrelated. This system feature created confusion and could mislead partners who are not actively using the program.

Final Thoughts

I have explained the advantages and disadvantages of companies operating an affiliate marketing services through Partnerize.

Even considering the drawbacks, Partnerize offers significant value in efficiently managing partners through its automated system, facilitating the operation of affiliate programs.

Whether you are looking to start an affiliate program or transition from an existing platform, if you have any questions about the company, you can inquire through the official website.

Thank you for reading the entire post.