Fonts similar to the Pikmin 4 logo (English & Japanese)

I found fonts similar to the Pikmin 4 logo in both English and Japanese on Adobe Fonts, so I'd like to introduce them. These fonts are available for commercial use, making them suitable for those who want to use them in blog posts, video thumbnails, or for anyone looking to create designs inspired by Pikmin. Highly recommended!

This article is a translated version of a post from my other blog.
Image Credit: Nintendo

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Pikmin 4 fonts

All the fonts similar to the Pikmin 4 logo that I am introducing this time were found on Adobe Fonts. Every font available on Adobe Fonts is for commercial use, so you can use them in your projects. For detailed instructions on how to use them, please check out the post below.

When I saw the English letters in the Pikmin 4 logo, I particularly focused on the uppercase letters 'K' and 'M.' I chose fonts based on these two letters and overall similarities in character features as criteria. *You can try typing with the "Sample Text" on the linked page.

Figgins Sans


Figgins Sans is a font similar to the English letters in the Pikmin 4 logo. This font closely resembles PIKMIN regardless of the alphabet used, so that's why I choose. However, since it has sharp edges, you can get it even closer to the original logo by adding rounded corners to the characters using software like Illustrator.

By the way, there is another font called Bicyclette that also resembles the Pikmin 4 logo. However, because the 'K' is a bit different, I'll introduce it as a sub-option. It has a similar 'P' and an overall design with a solid, stable feel, making it a very high-quality font.



Nitaragorui-06 is a Japanese font similar to the Pikmin 4 logo. Except for the Katakana character 'ン,' all characters closely resemble the logo. When arranging text, setting a large character spacing brings it even closer to the original logo.

VDL Logo Maru-POP


VDL Logo Maru-POP is a Japanese font that closely resembles the Pikmin 4 logo. You will notice the significant visual similarity when you try typing with it. However, this font is not in a standard style; it only offers cutout and three-dimensional versions, that might be a disadvantage.

Final Thoughts

Above, I introduced fonts in both English and Japanese that resemble the Pikmin 4 logo.

Personally, I discovered a font that I find incredibly cute and reminiscent of Pikmin, so let me introduce it a bit. It's called MVB Grenadine.


This font provides a playful and cute design with dynamic movement. While it may be subtle if asked whether it resembles the original logo, it has a Pikmin-like charm that I personally liked. The overall balance is well-crafted, making it good enough as a logo without any additional adjustments!

I'll update if I find more good fonts. Thank you for reading the entire post.