Best Procreate Brushes for Drawing Pixel Art on iPad

I will share brushes for drawing pixel art on Procreate, one of the most popular painting apps for iPad. This content is recommended for those who want to create pixel art on their iPads, and I found these brushes on Design Cuts. They are particularly suitable for individuals who wish to craft designs with a retro gaming aesthetic.

This article is a translated version of a post from my other blog.

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Best Procreate Brushes for Pixel Art

The Procreate brushes for creating pixel art that I'm introducing this time are put up for sale on Design Cuts the design marketplace. Procreate is a highly advanced painting app that allows you to create professional illustrations on your iPad.

Drawing pixel art on an iPad can be quite limited in terms of options, but with the brushes I'm sharing this time, you can effortlessly create pixel art on your iPad, so be sure to take advantage of them. Each brush comes with tutorials and customer support. Of course, commercial use is allowed.

Pixel Art Procreate Brushes

24 custom brushes

Pixel Art Procreate Brushes is a set of Procreate brushes specifically designed for pixel art, consisting of a total of 24 brushes and materials. In addition to brushes, the set also includes materials such as patterns and canvas textures.

Moreover, shading brushes are included, making it easy to depict light and shadow. You can check the brush strokes' quality at the provided link.

Among the brushes introduced this time, this set is the most recommended due to having the largest number of fundamental brushes.

Pixa – Procreate Pixel Brushes

5 custom brushes

Pixa - Procreate Pixel Brushes is a set of Procreate brushes designed for pixel art, comprising a total of 8 brushes and materials. One notable advantage of these brushes is that, in addition to the brushes themselves, the set also includes three types of Game Boy mockups.

Pixel Perfect – 8-bit Tool Kit – Procreate

36 elements

Pixel Perfect – 8-bit Tool Kit is a Procreate pixel art brush set that allows you to create the atmosphere of retro games. While the exact number of brushes in the set is not explicitly stated, there are likely two fundamental brushes.

When including stamp brushes suitable for decoration, the set becomes even more extensive. Additionally, there is a wide variety of pattern materials, approximately 36 in total.

One notable advantage is the abundance of material patterns, including bricks, wood, glass, and more, beyond just wallpapers and floors. This makes it ideal for those who want to illustrate interiors and structures.

Outline PIXEL Brush Set For Procreate

21 custom brushes

Outline PIXEL Brush Set For Procreate is 8-bit brushes for pixel art vibes in graffiti, lettering, or illustrations on your iPad. Discover 21+ original pixel brushes with additional updates, including 9 double brushes in version 1 and 6 single brushes in version 2. Recommended for those who want to create dot calligraphy.

Discount Available for Multiple Purchases

I introduced Procreate brushes for creating pixel art on iPad.

At DesignCuts, everyone gets 20% off with the purchase of 2 items and 30% off with the purchase of 3 items. It's more cost-effective to buy multiple resources together, so I'll briefly introduce some pixel fonts as well.

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